Invitation Letter Sample for Engagement Party to Friends and Family

There are moments of happiness and joy in everyone’s life and everyone wants to share these with others. Thus special occasions are extended to friends acquaintances and relatives. Very often printed cards are used for this purpose. But if the number of invited people is small, just letters can be sent. An invitation letter sample for engagement party is given below.

However, acknowledgment of the letter of invitation should be sent, expressing the possibility to attend the ceremony which presents a person’s good manner and courtesy.

Such a letter should be a little longer than that of the invitation. The reason for not joining the function should also be mentioned. Finally, careful attention is obvious in the preparation of such type of letter.

Occasions on which such letters are sent:

  1. Engagement/Marriage/marriage anniversary
  2. Birthday party.
  3. Religious, social, or cultural function.
  4. Social gathering/meeting

For the preparation of engagement/wedding invitations, we may follow some guidelines, such as-

  1. At the very outset writes about the date and place of the ceremony.
  2. Now extend the personal invitation.
  3. Once again insist on the person’s joining the ceremony

Invitation letter sample for engagement

Dear Masum,

This is to inform you that august 20 has been fixed as the date of my marriage. Of course, the printed invitation has already been sent. But I think, it is my duty to write personally to a close friend like you to join us on this occasion. Please come soon two days before the marriage as I have to talk to you about a certain important issue. My parents are also eagerly waiting for you.

Please come soon.

With best wishes-
Yours truly,


The engagement ceremony is a common scenario all over the world. This is a very special day for two people and their families. On this day people invite all of their relatives. The easiest way of inviting relatives is an invitation letter. This is an informal invitation letter sample for an engagement party.

An engagement party invitation letter is written to invite friends and family members to an upcoming engagement. It differs from an engagement invitation card as the engagement invitation letter is more private in its stuffing and less ceremonial, informing the guest of the happy news while extending an invitation to be present for the upcoming engagement.

Engagement party invitation letter

Haired Horton
2621 Snowbird Lane
Pickrell, Sweden

June 29, 2020

Mr. & Mrs. NoharaWilson
4191 Grim Avenue
San Diego, Sweden

Dear Wahid & Fattah
It is my pleasure to invite you to my youngest daughter’s engagement ceremony this July 28, 2020. Fila has finally found the man of her thoughts, so she says, but we have to agree with her this time. Aries Riley is Fila’s business partner whom she has known for 3 years.

Their engagement is to be held at the LakeshorePark at 11 AM during the summer. Fila and Aries love in the open air and a sunny luncheon will be accessible after the exchange of vows at the fountain in the Park.

Please revert to your presence before July 15, 2020, to support us in the food preparation and arrangement of Fila’s engagement. It would be an admiration to have your company at Fila’s engagement as you have watched her grow up all these years. She has specially mentioned your names to be added to the top of her guest list.

We will look forward to your presence.

Your good friends,
Haired Horton & family

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