14 Advantages of Maintaining Productivity Level in Public Organizations

Some means are available which may be taken to improve the productivity levels of public organizations in Bangladesh. These advantages of maintaining productivity level are as follows:

Advantages of maintaining productivity level

1. Re-organizing compensation system: Re-organizing compensation system to accommodate the realistic cost of leaving and motivate employees.

2. Strict monitoring: Engagement of strict monitoring within and outside the organization.

3. Revise: Revise and restructure work producers to get things done in a reasonable time.

4. Evaluation program: An evaluation program to appraise performance should undertake and benefits are given.

5. Use of technology: Use of technology to ensure transparency and improve speed, a skill that results in an improvement in productivity.

6. The credential of human resources: Credentials of the human resource should be observed and relocated. Wrong people at a place can possess to be right in a different department.

7. Experience and sharing: Experience and skill-sharing among different departments.

8. Downsizing: Downsizing huge low level less productive staff and increasing the size of the more productive staff at least at the operations level.

Advantages of Maintaining Productivity Level
Advantages of Maintaining Productivity Level

9. Involvement of younger creative people: Increase the involvement of younger creative and enthusiastic people in the organization.

10. Cost reduction: Costs should be reduced to cope with the competition.

11. Providing with required equipment: Required equipment should be provided.

12. Increase social security: Increase social security for employees to get more with the work them.

13. Taking feedback: Taking feedback from consumers of goods and services and involving them in policymaking.

14. Training & development programs: Training & development programs to modernize human resources as regards skills.

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