New Year Party Invitation Letter Sample

New year celebration means celebrating the first day of the year. Every country celebrates the new year. One of the ways of this celebration is a party. People arrange a party for relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. A sample new year party invitation letter is mentioned below:

They want to celebrate the day with others. This party is a great pleasure for everyone. For a party, the guest is so important. For inviting a guest, you have to know how to write a party invitation letter. Two types of parties can be held at a family party or an office party.

Both of these you need to be sent an invitation to your guests for attending the party. Here is a sample of the New Year party invitation letter for guests. In this letter, we will see an informal invitation for a friend to his friend’s home for a New Year party.

New Year party invitation letter

Bryan Nicholson
949 Grand Mall Avenue


Erika Malcolm
833 Park Street

Sub: invitation for New Year party.

Dear Erika,
Hopefully, you are well. You know New Year is coming soon. I am writing today for inviting you to our New Year party. The party will be held at our home. You know my mother is a great party planner and also a decorator.

For this reason, my mother will arrange the New Year party at our home. We had not met for a long time. I invite our entire close friends to this party. It will be a great opportunity to meet each other at this party.

The party will be held on the first of January. At this party, we will organize a great dinner in our home. After dinner, we will do more exciting, games, dance, and many other things.

If you don’t mind you have to stay on the day of the party at my home. My mom especially invites you to this party. So you should not refuse to come to the party.

We will rock together at the party. Great excitement is that our all friends will come. I am really excited about this especially. It’s a long time since we had not met anyone.

So please come and join us. I hope you will really enjoy the party. Take my love and respect for your mom.

From the bottom of my heart

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  1. This is certainly a great letter sample about the new year invitation. I like all of the points you’ve made.

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