Sample Farewell Party Invitation Letter to the Boss

A farewell party invitation letter is an informal letter. This is written to friends, family members, and colleagues. This is written in order to invite people to the party to bid farewell to all of them.

In our everyday life, we come across lots of events like conferences, parties, meetings, etc. And an individual organizing an event has to call people to show them how important they are.

Now the question is how one can invite the guests. The Invitation can be made both through a phone call or a letter. But it’s not possible to call up every person so one can select the second alternative.

Here on this page, a sample of the farewell party invitation letter is given below. A person who organizes a get-together to exchange the final note with colleagues in a very active way as he is leaving his job as a better option so that through this letter he invites all to be present at the get-together.

Sample farewell party invitation letter

Fichal Rabbi
HR Supervisor
Jam-packed round Enterprise

January 29, 2022

Production Coordinator
Jam-packed round Enterprise
Hi Hill

Re: Farewell Party invitation letter.

As you know, Yeti Huron from the examining Department is leaving the company at the end of the month. A small number of us are setting up a goodbye party for her. Details are given below:

Party Venue: Queen Restaurant
Address: 3991 Cliffside Drive
Date: January 30, 2022
Time: 9 pm

As well-being, our lunch partner at work, Yeti has been very supportive of work too. She is well-liked by all co-workers and we will miss her extremely. But she is moving on to black pastures, and for that, I am glad for her.

Please confirm your presence at this farewell before January 28, and affirm if you would like to join some of us with a farewell gift for her.

Fichal Rabbi
HR Supervisor
Jam-packed round Enterprise

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