Sample Invitation Letter for Fundraising Event to Help Sufferers

A fundraising occasion has a very righteous cause so this event must be planned properly. This fundraising event arranges for a great reason to help others. This is a novel work. Invitations for trustworthy followers must be written in a proper letter.

In writing this letter, you have to make sure to recognize the person or entity to that you are writing the letter. For your reference, please check out the sample invitation letter for fundraising which we have made for this kind of event.

Invitation letter for a fundraising event

Support for charity Foundation, San Jose, California
Mercedes Avenue,


August 29, 2022

Dear L,
We, at support for charity foundation, have always been untying to serve the people when the condition calls for it.

With regard to the (cyclone that struck Poland), we completed the initiative to organize an event for us to be able to increase some funds in order to aid the (cyclone sufferers) in serving them food from day to day as well as clothes and shelter for the time being.

As a trustworthy supporter of our different projects since we started the organization, we are requesting your support for the said event.

This event is not only a location for our new talents to explain what they’ve got to the public, but, most of all to alleviate the life of those people who are suffering from intense poverty and those who are sufferers of natural calamities.

Hoping for your unending support. And also I hope you will attend our event and help us.

The more influence on you and your family.

Politely Yours,

(L G Blue)

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