Sample Festival Invitation Letter to Friend and Family

We celebrate many festivals in our whole life. All over the world, there are many occasions to celebrate. The festivals are varied in religion, country, society, etc. The main similarity among them all wants to celebrate special moments with their relatives, family, and friends. So you need to send a festival invitation letter.

Now the thing is how can a person invites his/her family, relatives for the festival. There are many ways of invitation. I think a letter is a great way. You can convert your emotion so lightly in a personal letter. At the festival, we can send two types of letters, official or unofficial. Official letter for the boss, and office colleagues. And another one for friends and family.

Here on this page, a sample festival invitation letter is provided. You can use this format for any kind of festival invitation letter. Here I use Eid a big celebration of the Muslim religion.

Sample festival invitation letter

(Letter recipient name)
(Letter received address)

Dear (Letter recipient name),
Hope you are well. As you know that Eid is coming. We will arrange a great Eid party this upcoming Eid. At last Eid, we cannot organize any party because of any uncertain problem. This Eid, we will arrange a great Eid party. That’s why we plan a family gets together on the Eid occasion.

I sent letters to all of our relatives for this occasion. On the night, we will organize an Eid party. I invite all of your old friends this will be a surprise for you. They ensure that they all will come with their family members. Please sent my Invitation to all of your family members. I also decide on a dress cord. The dress color will be yellow. Please give me your opinion about the whole program. You can suggest any idea to improve the entire program. I need your guidance and support.

You know I am eagerly waiting for you because I didn’t meet you for a long time. I want to meet with you, dear.

Hopefully, you will join with all of your family members on the occasion of Diwali, and also hope that we will enjoy all of the ceremonies that I try to organize.

Your Name
Your address

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