12 Most Important Objectives of Organization Development

As objectives of organization development are framed keeping in view specific situations, they vary from one situation to another, In other words, these programs are tailored to meet the requirements of the particular situation.

But broadly speaking all organizational development programs try to attain the objectives which are briefly discussed below:

Objectives of organization development

1. To apply behavioral science theories: The first objective of organization development is to apply some behavioral science theories in the organization. By applying these theories organization development practices hope for development.

2. To improve organizational performance: Another objective of organization development is to improve the overall performance of the organization. Thus the organization can be established as one of the important institutions in human history.

3. To ensure the proper use of individual efforts: Individual performance should be improved. This is possible by using individual efforts properly. Organizational development ensures the proper use of human efforts and commitment.

4. To create awareness: Organization development creates awareness among the people working in the enterprise. They feel the need for change in comparison with other organizations.

5. To encourage people to solve problems Every organization has many problems and challenges. Organizational development encourages people to solve these problems and faces challenges in the present and future.

6. To establish and maintain interpersonal relations: Organization development activities may be implemented with a view to establishing and at the same time maintaining interpersonal relations among the people of the organization. This can ensure continuous growth.

Objectives of Organization Development
Objectives of Organization Development

7. To create & maintain a work environment: The working environment must be favorable in the organization. Organization development practitioners create a favorable working environment and maintain the same for smooth functioning in the future.

8. To increase knowledge & skills: Knowledge of the latest methods and skills can streamline the growth of any organization. Organizational development intends to increase knowledge and skill levels through training.

9. To minimize resistance to change: In most cases, every change is resisted, it hampers goal achievement. Organization development helps minimize the resistance to change in a positive mood so that management becomes more alert.

10. To create job satisfaction: Job satisfaction encourages people to work hard with joy. Organizational development creates job satisfaction for employees who are involved in organizational development activities.

11. To increase motivation level: Motivation creates interest in work among the employees. Therefore another important objective of organizational development is to increase motivation.

12. To create supportive values: Every organization and employee has some values and norms. The values and norms can help the organization uphold its own culture. Organizational development creates supportive suitable values and norms.

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