Nature of Organization Development

In 1960th the concept ‘Organization Development’ was first coined as the area of study in the business discipline. It is a long term process. Organization development is a systematic process. But we should understand the nature of organization development first.

Through this process, both human and nonhuman aspects are supposed to be improving. Every organization contains a supra system under the total system. Sometimes it faces external and internal influences.

Nature of organization development

Organization involves people, machinery, methods of work, relationships, and coordination so on. These are all ever-changing. These components do not remain unchanged for a long time. Human qualities need to be developed, machinery becomes obsolete, methods of work are changeable, the relationship among the people in either improving or in some cases hampering due to the expiry of time.

To adjust to these changes the organization has to undertake some measures. These measures may be termed as organization development. Organization development is an ongoing, systematic, and continuous process.

Nature of Organization Development

This process is initiated to implement any sort of the change in the organization. If the changes take place with a preplanned goal, positive intention, and in a scientific mood it may be hoping that organization development will be ensured.

It is interdisciplinary in nature and draws on sociology, psychology, and theories of motivation, learning, and personality. Organization development is a growing field that is responsive to many news approaches.

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