Role of Management for Organizational Development

Management has a significant role in organizational development. The role of management for organizational development is explained in the following points:

Role of management for organizational development

1. Making decisions for the organization: Management will make appropriate decisions for the organization’s development. They will study every aspect and resource of the organization. After this study management will take decisions and they will look after it.

2. Inviting employees in the decision-making process: A decision cannot be appropriate without participation. Management should involve employees from every department to make a perfect decision.

3. Allocations of funds for implementing decisions: After decision making, this is the responsibility of management to implement that decision on its employees, So, management will allocate funds for decision implementing and make it smooth.

4. Ensuring accountability of implementation activities: Ensuring the accountability of the organization is another major role of management.

5. Making action steps for individual improvement: A organization run by its employee, but every individual is not the same skillful. An organization should take action for individual improvement. And this action will be taken by the management of that organization.

6. Taking corrective or preventive measures in case of any deviation: If there is any situation which is not good for organization management will take corrective or preventive measure. In one word management play the most vital role in organizational development.

Role of Management for Organizational Development
Role of Management for Organizational Development

If all these above steps are followed organizational development can take place smoothly. Measures to be taken for organizational development may vary from one organization to another and from situation to situation.

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