14 Characteristics of Human Resource Management (HRM)

A few characteristics have been identified for SHRM. These characteristics are multi-dimensional. In the following points characteristics of human resource management are stated:

Characteristics of human resource management

1. HRM recruits: Human resource management (HRM) recruits/hires people to fill up the vacant positions of the organization.

2. Tests and interviewsHRM takes various tests and interviews to select people.

3. Communicate with top management: HRM tries to communicate with top management in helping to formulate strategies to achieve organizational goals.

4. Arranges trainingHRM gives or arranges training programs to improve the skills of the employees.

5. Evaluates the performance: HRM evaluates the performance of the employees. On this basis, he gives the promotion.

6. Exit interviewHRM takes exit interviews when an employee quits his job.

7. Collect various suggestionsHRM tries to collect various suggestions from the employees.

8. Helps the organization’s top management to implement various techniques: HRM helps the organizational top management in implementing various techniques to help the organization go ahead.

Characteristics of human resource management HRM
Characteristics of human resource management

9. Arrange various workshopsHRM can arrange various workshops to increase the knowledge of the employees.

10. Arranges meetingsHRM arranges various meetings and seminars to discuss the problems that the employees face in the organization.

11. Takes various precautions: HRM takes various precautions to prevent negligent hiring.

12. Gives job specification of employee: HRM gives the job specification of every employee and the requirements that an employee needs to do it.

13. Does job enrichmentHRM does various job enrichment, job rotation, job enlargement, and motivates the employees.

14. Develop the relationship between labor and management: HRM gives support to develop and maintain the cordial relationship it’s between labor and management.

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