Objectives of Strategic Human Resource Management

A set of objectives of strategic human resource management is given below:

Objectives of strategic human resource management

1. To set the goals: To set the goals of an organization with respect to human resources.

2. To utilize human resourcesTo identify the strategic needs of an organization & its utilization.

3. To select the typeTo select the appropriate organ gram for the organization.

4. Compensation plan: To set the appropriate & suitable compensation system for the employees.

5. To set the evaluation standard: To set the performance evaluation method & the standard.

6. To identify the relationshipsTo identify the relationships among the different departments & setting their duties & responsibilities.

Objectives of Strategic Human Resource Management
Objectives of Strategic Human Resource Management

7. To set strategies for future challenges: Organizations should set some strategies’ to survive in the competition.

8. To formulate the HR policies: The HR manager is supposed to take action in this regard.

9. To review the existing HRM practices: Employee needs and workability of HRM policies are to be reviewed regularly.

10. To develop guidelines: The last objective of SHRM is to develop guidelines for the human resource manager.

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