Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Strategic human resource management (SHRM) is important in Bangladesh organizations for many reasons. These points of importance of strategic human resource management are given below:

Importance of strategic human resource management

1. HR planning is not appropriate in most organizations in Bangladesh. To get the correct HR planning, SHRM is important.

2. Most of the organizations in our country do not use fair, valid as well as reliable selection systems, to get political employees SHRM helps the organization to follow the proper selection system which matches the strategy, structure, and culture of the organization.

3. Most of the organizations in Bangladesh do not practice equity. It makes imbalance in both societies and in some special cases organizations.

As a result, the organizations do not get productive and potential employees and the effectiveness of the organization. To solve this problem, SHRM is important and necessary. ,

4. SHRM helps the organization to match the main resource of any organization that is the employees of the organization with all the strategic plans of the organization.

5. SHRM is very important for employees’ motivation since it suggests the organization use the appropriate performance appraisal method.

That will be matched with the overall strategic plans of the organizations. If the employees are motivated effectively, their productivity or their contributions to the organization will reach a high level and in turn, it will increase organizational harmony.

6. SHRM helps the organization to maintain a good relationship between the labor union and higher-level management and this relation reduces labor dissatisfaction.

So the productivity of the organization is increased. In this respect, SHRM is very important in Bangladesh.

For the following reasons, a well-established SHRM system is supposed to prevail in Bangladesh organizations. But the conditions must be present in the future also.

Importance of strategic human resource management

1. Growth of Private Sector: Private sector is growing fast in Bangladesh. If this growth rate continues in the future days come, the organization will get the opportunity the establishment of the SHRM system.

2. Consciousness among People: People of Bangladesh are becoming more conscious about their meds. This consciousness will lead the organization toward an SHRM system.

3. Need for Fair HRM Policies: Both employers and employees are showing interest in fair HRM policies and practices in their organizations. The lapses or deviations are being highlighted in the media.

Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management
Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management

4. Organizational Stability: A significant number of organizations are ruining the stability they have tried to realize that stability should be maintained in the future.

5. Facing competition: The present world is more competitive. To face the competition, efficient, committed, and ethical human resources are of prime importance.

6. Availability of Graduates: The educational organizations and training institutes are producing dozens of MBA graduates every year in the SHRM area.

So the organization can get them as executives. We hope these reasons or conditions will prevail in Bangladesh in the days to come.

Therefore, it can be said that the future of SHRM is bright.

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