12 Characteristics of Organizational Politics

Organizational politics in Bangladesh is full of a variety of characteristics. These characteristics vary from organization to organization and from time to time. A few characteristics of organizational politics are discussed below:

Characteristics of organizational politics

  1. Organizational politics is mostly personal interest-oriented.
  2. In a member of cases, politics is used against the interest of the organizations.
  3. In public organizations, politics occupies a substantial time.
  4. In private organizations, politics cannot flourish.
  5. Almost all people involved in politics have become moneyed men.
  6. Most of the politicians are involved in unfair practices or manipulation.
  7. For gaining people’s support most of the politicians do not work within the tolerance limit.
  8. All organization politicians are reluctant to their regular assignments.
  9. Organization politics get support from opposition parties.
  10. After losing power party in possession once upon a time support politics and the opposition party then goes against the politics.
  11. Organizational politicians are highly ambitious.
  12. Inter-group political violence is a regular phenomenon in the organization of Bangladesh.

Despite these characteristics, both management and employees are working together. If we could have tolerance and fairness that would be more useful for the organizations.

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