10 Conditions of Successful Organizational Politics

For the sake of successful organizational politics, some conditions are expected to be fulfilled. If these conditions are met mostly, politics may bring good results otherwise hamper politics. Conditions of successful organizational politics are discussed below:-

Conditions of successful organizational politics

1. Proper educational background: The persons involved with politics should have a reasonable educational background. Otherwise, they cannot maintain their level.

2. Intelligence: Intelligent politicians can handle any situation peacefully and make organizational activities undisturbed. They can also deal with management with wisdom.

3. Management support: For successful organizational politics, management support in respect of policy, permission, money and so many, is a must. More fair support helps to maintain a good political climate.

4. Employee cooperation: Side by side with management, employee support and cooperation can also strengthen the environment for organizational politics. Because politics is meant for that and for gaining more benefits.

5. Favorable environment: Favorable environment, no doubt is another condition of politics. In a congenial environment, politics can flourish. Whereas, activates do not get encouraged if the environment is unfavorable. For example, natural calamity can hamper the political environment in the organization.

Conditions of Successful Organizational Politics
Conditions of Successful Organizational Politics

6. Legitimacy of demands: Employee demands are supposed to be legitimate. With illegitimate demands, movement cannot proceed for a long day and gain fruitful results.

7. Collective bargaining process: If the collective process continues, organizational politics may be made fair and regular. Otherwise, people do not get interested in politics.

8. Commitment to the goal: Persons involved in politics should have goal orientation. This goal orientation gives them lines of action to perform in the organization.

9. Political Culture: Another condition of successful organizational politics is political culture. People involved in politics must comply with political culture.

10. Continuous: Political process must continue otherwise, it will not be possible to do politics in the organization.

These are major conditions that are to be fulfilled for the dynamic and successful running of politics. We can include more conditions with this lot or discard one or two less important points. But other conditions must be fulfilled.

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