8 Advantages or Importance of Organizational Politics

Organizational politics is important for every organization. Both employees and management can get benefits, from organizational politics. The points of importance or advantages of organizational politics are briefly discussed below:

Advantages of organizational politics

1. Motivating employees:  Due to the presence of organizational politics, employees may be motivated with the hope that their interest would not be hampered.

2. Resisting indiscipline: Indiscipline from the employee’s side may be resisted with the help of organizational politics.

3. Increased productivity: For the sake of increasing productivity level, employees may be involved with organizational politics.

4. Influencing employees: At the presence of political influence, employees may be convinced about the plans and goals of the organization

5. Gaining dignity and recognition: Employer or management might give dignity and recognition to the employees’ hopes and aspiration.

Importance of Organizational Politics
Importance of Organizational Politics

6. Successful bargaining: Successful bargaining may take place in the presence or organizational politics and democratic system.

7. Using group effort: Organizational politics can use group effort successfully for achieving goals of any enterprise.

8. Selection of suitable leader: If organizational politics works well, suitable candidates, as well as leaders, may be selected and organization can run well.

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