Two Faces of Organizational Politics

We know that politics has both positive and negative impact on an organization. That is why it has two faces. It can either be used for gaining some benefits or it can destroy the good deeds. Let’s know the two faces of organizational politics. If political power is used to gain more effort for the organization that is positive. On the other hand, negative politics can not ensure discipline. These two faces of organizational politics are briefly discussed below:

Two faces of organizational politics

Positive Face of Politics

It is related to organizational expectations. By using this one both organizations and their employees may be benefited. For the time being it may be costly for the organization or for its employees. But in the long run, it goes for the interest of the organization.

Positive face is characterized by a balanced pursuit of self-interest and the interests of others: viewing situations in win-win terms as much as possible; engaging in open problem solving followed by action and influencing; a realities absence of the tactics of fighting; and a socialized need to lead, initiate and influence others.

Negative Face of Politics

This is usually expected in the face of politics. This politics is characterized by the extreme pursuit of self-interest and unsocial zed needs to dominate others. It is a tendency to view situations in win-lose terms rather than win-win terms.

It is the predominant use of the tactics of fighting-secrecy, surprise, holding hidden agendas, withholding information, and deceiving. By using the negative face of power, in most cases, some people may gain benefits but the organization’s interests are generally hampered.

In an organization, other positive and negative faces of politics may be seen. In Bangladesh, organizations in the public sector have mostly negative faces-that has affected both employees and the organization.

Two Faces of Organizational Politics
Two Faces of Organizational Politics

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