Influence or Relationship between Organizational Behavior and Politics

Organizational behavior may be influenced by organizational politics. This influence or relationship may be acceptable or unacceptable, useful or detrimental, and positive or negative.

With the presence of politics, organizational behavior may be characterized by one or more of the following situations:

Organizational behavior and politics

  1. Behavioral patterns may be very enjoyable.
  2. The behavioral pattern should be not being aggressive.
  3. Management may be sympathetic to the employees.
  4. Employees may be loyal to management.
  5. Group cohesiveness may be created.
  6. A good political environment may be created.

    Organizational Behavior and Politics
    Organizational Behavior and Politics
  7. Tolerance may or may not be high.
  8. Group conflict may or may not be resolved peacefully.
  9. The morale of organizational people may or may not be enhanced substantially.
  10. Employees may or may not be goal-oriented.

If organizational politics is practiced fairly these conditions may prevail. Otherwise, these conditions will not work.

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