20 Factors Affecting Organizational Counseling

Some factors are affecting organizational counseling. If all these factors behave positively organizational counseling programs may be beneficial to the problem employees.

So the factors affecting organizational counseling are discussed below:

Factors affecting organizational counseling

1. Types of problem: What types of problem are counseling, it is important for counseling.

2. Attitude of a frustrated person: To understand the attitude of a frustrated person is a very important factor.

3. Types or nature of the industry: When we go for the counseling industry nature is another factoring point.

4. Willingness of counselor: Another major factor affecting the point is the willingness of the counselor. The counselor has it will counsel his or her client.

5. Trade union: Trade union is another factor for affecting organizational counseling. A trade union is a very important factor also.

6. Position of the employee in the industry: The position of the employee is an important factor also. Which position is the counselor deserve is important.

7. Social status of the employee or frustrated person: What is the social status of the employee is an important factor also. It creates social enthusiasm among the employees.

8. Policy of the industry: What is the policy of the industry is an important factor for industrial counseling.

9. Government rules and regulations: Counselors should think about government rules and regulations. They must not avoid these.

10. Age of the employee: The age of the employee is another factor for the counseling. A young employee cannot be counseled as an elder employee.

Factors Affecting Organizational Counseling

11. Causes of the frustration or problem: One of the main factors is the causes of frustration. Counsel depends much on it.

12. Past experience: Past experience is another factor that can be affected in industrial counseling also.

13. Duration of frustration or problem: Duration or frustration of the problem is another factor affecting the point. It is also important for industrial counseling.

14. Influencing or inspirational power of counselor: How a counselor can counsel the client is another important factor. The ways a counselor counsels his or her client is important for counsel someone.

15. Information available in the counselor’s hands: The information which counselors can get available. It is another factor for counseling.

16. Background of the employee: The employee’s past history is also important for counseling. It is another factor for counseling.

17. Difference between counselor & client: The difference between counselor & client is also an important factor for counseling.

18. Clarity of thinking of counselor: Employee’s clarity is an important factor. So to clarify the thinking of the counselor is important.

19. Decision-taking power of counselor: Counselor should be very confident & also he also knows to confirm that what decision he should take. It is another factor for counsel.

20. Attitude of counselor towards client: Attitude of counselor towards the client or vice-versa is an important factor.

So these are some important factors. As we can maintain it, we can create a better industrial developing situation. Counseling factors are very much related to a better counseling program.

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