20 Characteristics / Qualities of a Good Counselor

We call a person or a counselor a good counselor if he or she bears some qualities. These qualities should be maintained. Otherwise, a counselor cannot be a good counselor. And also his or her client cannot get inspired by him or her. Qualities of a good counselor are discussed below:

Qualities of a good counselor

1. Positive minded or outlook: Counselor must have a positive attitude. He or she should understand the client very positively.

2. Sympathy to the counselor: A good counselor must have sympathy for the client. He should understand his or her problem. And treat as he is his or her friend.

3. Intelligence: A good counselor should be very intelligent. He should understand the client’s problem.

4. Informative: A good counselor must have much information. He should know about the topics that he counseled the client.

5. Tactful: A good counselor also is tactful. He should quickly understand what steps he should do next.

6. Influencing or inspiration power: A good counselor also has the power of influencing others. Otherwise, it cannot be a good counseling program.

7. Motivation power: The counselor has the ability to motivate the client. Because without motivation none can get rid of frustration.

8. Skillful: Counselor also must be skillful fro reduce the frustration. So it is an important quality which should have build up in a good counselor.

9. Educated: Without education, none can be qualified for all types of efficiency. So education is a must for a good counselor.

10. Ability to take a quick decision: Counselor must take a quick decision. As he listens to the client’s problem then he should have decided quickly how he counsels the person.

Qualities of a Good Counselor
Characteristics Qualities of a Good Counselor

11. Proper trained: A good counselor must be properly trained. As he can take any decision about the client.

12. Cool-headed: Counselor should be cool-headed. He all time has to cool his brain. In any situation & any type of frustration, he should observe that & take a prompt quick decision.

13. Logical: Counselor must be logical. He should explain in pure logic. As the client can understand & can agree with him.

14. Confident: A counselor must be confident in his point & logic. His confidence level can be an inspiration for the client.

15. Frankly Speaking: Counselors should have a strong personality. He cannot be weak in any situation.

16. Strong personality: Also a counselor should have a strong personality. He cannot be weak in any situation.

17. Intend to solve the problem: Counselor has the intention to solve the problem. In any situation, he should solve the problem.

18. Ability to handle the situation: A good counselor has to be the ability to handle any situation. No matter what happens but the counselor must be strict that he can handle the situation.

19. Impartial: Counselor counsel the client as he can understand that counselor is impartial. And the client has the intention to listen to the counselor.

20. Active: In all cases, the counselor must be active in every part. He should actively explain to the client about his problem. Also, motivate the right way.

So these are some qualities which we expect in a good counselor. These qualities should be developed in a counselor. Then we say that he is a qualified counselor. Also, an organizational counseling program can successful then.

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