What is the Definition of Counseling?

Counseling is referred to the discussion of an emotional problem with an employee with an objective of reducing its intensity. Counseling is one of the techniques of practical problem-solving. Let’s discuss the definition of counseling.

The person who is seeking counsel occupies an interior position with respect to the problem in question. The counselor occupies an exterior position. This is the fundamental asset which the counselor process.

The problem is not the counselor’s personal problem; therefore an approaches it from an impersonal perspective. The client, an individual with a problem, sees the inside of the problem. The counselor is able to visualize the outside of the problem. However, some definitions of counseling are given below:

Definition of counseling

Newsroom and Davis: Counseling is discussion with an employee of a problem that usually has emotional content in order to help ht employee cope with it better.

M.A. Rahman: Organizational counseling is a continuous formal as well as informal process of advising to the employees for solving their employment related or personal problems affecting performance.

Counseling may be defined as a process in which mangers or supervisors guide employers to overcome performance problem. It is a form of talk therapy that assists individual.

Organizational counseling is defined as “Discussion of an emotional problem with a general objective of decreasing it.”

Definition of Counseling
What is the Definition of Counseling

The definition of counseling implies a number of characteristics. It is an exchange of ideas and feelings between two people, nominally a counselor and a counselee, so it is an act of communication.

Since it helps employees cope with problems, it should improve organizational performance, because the employee becomes more cooperative, worries less about personal problems, or improves in other ways.

Emphasis on counseling also helps the organization become more human and considerate of people’s problems with good mental health.

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