30 Functions of Organizational Counseling

Organizational counseling has some functions. If all these functions are performed properly, we hope that the organizational counseling program will be effective. These functions are mentioned below:

Functions of organizational counseling

  1. To make a good relationship between workers and management.
  2. To deliver better services for workers.
  3. To make proper use of organizational resources.
  4. To train up workers properly.
  5. To increase cooperative working spirit.
  6. To solve many critical organizational problems.
  7. To reduce disputes and dissatisfaction among the workers and management.
  8. To ensure the basic needs for the workers.
  9. To reduce high labor turns over by ensuring higher facilities.
  10. To ensure less absenteeism by ensuring job satisfaction and job security.
  11. To decrease mental and physical imbalance by counseling.
  12. Help to increase confidence and loyalty.
  13. Find out the cause of dispute and dissatisfaction.
  14. Identify the right man for the right job.
  15. Giving the same priority to both parties.

    Functions of Organizational Counseling
    Functions of Organizational Counseling
  16. Do not present any illogical or irrelevant issues.
  17. Make the proper sense of counseling.
  18. Become much more cooperative about the issue.
  19. Giving proper guidelines about issues.
  20. Inform both the parties about the situation and give the proper solution by negotiation.
  21. Play the role of coordination.
  22. To maintain harmonious relations and promote industrial peace.
  23. The code of discipline has been laid down which applies both workers and management.
  24. To discourage unfair labor practices such as negligence of duty, damage to property, and insubordination.
  25. To take prompt action to implement awards, agreements, settlements, and decisions.
  26. Always see the interest of both parties.
  27. Increase better performance.
  28. Continuous employee development.
  29. Preparing the training worker shop.
  30. Giving the coaching of counseling to the workers.

So these are some functions of organizational counseling. These functions should be maintained for better counseling program in the organization.

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