Process or Models of Organizational Counseling

Organizational counseling follows a process to provide the employees. The process can be changed based on organization type. This process has two steps which are discussed below:

Models of organizational counseling

Stage One

1. Problem defined by client: The counselor first tries to find the problem of the client.

2. Generation of an alternative definition of the problem: After listening to the problem counselor thought about how he can counsel him. He thoughts some ideas.

3. Decision to select one definition of a problem initially: And after analyzing he should select one definition means a way to handle the problem.

4. Client accepts definition: If the client accepts the definition then we move to the second stage. And if he doesn’t accept this we should go for the first stage again and think about a new strategy.

Stage Two

1. Alternative theoretical frameworks: The counselor considers alternative theoretical frameworks to use with the problem as defined.

2. Select a primary mode of operation: The counselor selects a primary mode of operation that has accompanied theory, skill, qualities, techniques & verbal & non-verbal behavior.

3. Generate new ways of looking: The counselor and the client examine the definition of the problem at issue, potential, answers & solutions & further discussion.

Process or Model of Organizational counseling
Process or Model of Organizational Counseling

In this process, counselors can face two types of results. One is successful and another is a failure. If a counselor fails to counsel the client then he should go for the first stage again. And if success comes to do so then the process would be terminated.

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