Benefits / Merits / Advantages of Organizational Counseling

We do every organizational work for some benefits. Organizational counseling has also some logical benefits. These advantages of organizational counseling are discussed below:

Advantages of organizational counseling

  1. Creating favorable atmosphere: By counseling people they can get rid from frustration & tension. So it creates favorable atmosphere to the organization.
  2. Motivation the workers: By counseling we can give workers motivation. Motivation can develop organizational work. So it is a benefit for us.
  3. Ensuring better services: Counseling can give workers new enthusiasm. So it can ensure better services.
  4. Welfare Activities: Counseling can enrich workers potential. So can give their best. And over all welfare activities can be achieved.
  5. Developing employer-employee relationship: Manager satisfied with employee and employee can also satisfy with management by counseling relationship between this to can highly appreciable. And it is an important benefit for institution.
  6. Reducing Industrial conflict: Frustration causes of conflict. So by counseling industrial conflict can be reduced.
  7. Increasing Good Communication Skill: By counseling management can talk or communicate with each other. So it increases communication skill.
  8. Decreasing Labor turnover: As employee are satisfied with the organization. So it decrease labor turnover.
  9. Decrease absenteeism: By counseling employee can be satisfied with management & they want to give best. So it decreases absenteeism.
  10. Promotion of Industrial peace: As a good situation can be place in organization. So that there must be no conflict. It obviously promotes industrial peace.
  11. Development of harmonious relation: Counseling also can develop harmonious relation. It is another benefit for organization.

    Benefits-Merits -Advantages-of-Organizational-Counseling
    Benefits Merits Advantages of Organizational Counseling
  12. Increase better performance of the workers: Counseling can reduce frustration tension & increase enthusiasm. So no doubt counseling increase better performance.
  13. Discourage unfair labor Practices: Counseling can turn away workers to do unfair things. It discourages unfair works & lead organization in a right way.
  14. Increase Profit: Counseling help s a worker to work with his or her full effort. So it can be beneficial for increasing profit.
  15. Increasing Confidence: By counseling an employee get confidence. And this confidence leads him or her towards the work. So it must be beneficial.
  16. Development of team spirit: Counseling can develop organizational team spirit. It is also beneficial for the institute.
  17. Maintaining Environment: Counseling also can maintain a better environment. It is beneficial for industrial normal growth.
  18. Increase good will of the company: By counseling employee can be satisfied with management & similarly management also satisfies with the workers. So their together work increased good will of the company.
  19. Creation of dynamism: Counseling crates dynamism in the company. As it increase workers to do the right work so it creates dynamism in the company.
  20. Safeguard of employee right: As counseling ensure workers rights. So it is beneficial for workers that it save the workers right.

So these are some benefits of organizational counseling. Also many benefits are there. Counseling can run organization smoothly. So it is very much essential for an organization.

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