12 Guidelines of the Organizational Counseling

There are some guidelines for industrial counseling. If we can follow these guidelines, it may be easier to incomplete counseling program successfully. These guidelines can be as follows:

Guidelines of the organizational counseling

  1. A favorable attitude should be shown by both parties.
  2. Client should be listened very carefully about what the counselor said.
  3. Counselor has to understand the mentality of the client.
  4. Counselor and client both are should be well known about their problem.
  5. Counseling must be beneficial for the organization.
  6. The client has to interest to sort out from the problem.

    Guidelines of the Organizational Counseling

    Guidelines of the Organizational Counseling

  7. A favorable time has to be selected.
  8. Both of the counselor and client should feel a strong citizenship about the organization.
  9. Counselor should well know about the frustration of client.
  10. Client should be interested to listen what counselor said.
  11. Counselor should behave positively.
  12. Counselor should counsel the client as it seems like he or she is treat him or her as a friend.

So these guidelines should be maintained for better counsel. If we can follow these guidelines we surely can do a better condoling program.

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