How to Make Organizational Counseling Effective?

There are many ways that we can maintain for making organizational counseling better or effectiveness. These ways of how to make organizational counseling effective are discussed below:

How to make organizational counseling effective

  1. Interest creation: If manager can create interest to the employees about the organization then it would get effective.
  2. Following fair principles: Organization has to remember that they should not go for any wrong thing. If they follow fair principle then counsel can be effective.
  3. Patience: Patience is a must for a successful & effective counseling. If the counselors don’t treat with patience then counsel cannot be effective.
  4. Cooperation with management and union: Employee should do operate with management. Otherwise counsel program cannot achieve its goal.
  5. Developing careers: If mangers cannot develop the careers of employee then counsel program cannot be effective.


    Organizational Counseling Effective

  6. Getting better relation with management & employees: If a better relation of management & employee is place then counsel program must be effective.
  7. Socialization: A social buzz must be created. If it is creates then industrial counseling will be effective.
  8. Refrain from criticism: Sometimes criticism is not good for some person. So they should be treated like that. Criticism should be refrained from.
  9. Refrain from criticism: Sometimes criticism is not good for some person. So they should be showing sincerity.

These are some ways to effective the organizational counsel program.

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