Objectives of Organizational Counseling

Organizational counseling has some objectives. It is given to the workers in front of some important objectives. These objectives of organizational counseling are discussed below:

Objectives of organizational counseling

  1. To motivate employees: The main objective of organizational counseling is to motivate and counsel employees.
  2. To create Awareness: Employees have to aware about their organization. So to create awareness among them counseling is necessary. It is so fare one of the very important objective for institute.
  3. To promote professional standards: Promoting professional standards are another objective for organizational counseling.
  4. To develop sense of responsibility: It is a general duty to employees that they should have a sense of responsibility. And through counseling that responsibility can rise among the workers. So it’s a big objective for organization.
  5. To build up employer-employee relationship: A good employer-employee relationship is important for the institute. So to improve it is another objective.
  6. To ensure participation: Every one’s participation is important to develop an organization. So to ensure participation is important objective of counseling.
  7. To save guards employee rights: Another objective of industrial counseling it to save guards employee rights. It can be only happen by counseling.
  8. To increase work spirit: Employees work spirit is very important for the development of an organization. So to increase work spirit is another objective of industrial counseling.
  9. To implement existing policy: It’s another objective to implement existing policy. By counseling we can achieve that.
  10. To solve critical organizational problems: Critical organizational problems can easily hamper daily activates. So to solve this type of problem is another object.
  11. To make proper use of organizational resources: Counseling can remove frustration. So they can give their potential talent. And make sure of proper use of organizational resources. So it is another objective.
  12. To develop sense of responsibility: Organizational responsibility can do many things. And counseling can assure this responsibility to the workers. So it is another objective.
  13. To give proper training to the worker: If employee can work with mental satisfaction then we can give them a proper training. So it is another objective to give proper training to the employees.

    Objectives Of Organizational Counseling
  14. To increase confidence of the workers: counseling can increase confidence to the worker. And confident worker can do better in his or her job. So to increase confident is another objective of counseling.
  15. To decrease physical & mental imbalance: When employee gets in problem or frustration him or her obviously pass a situation of mental imbalance. So to decrease it is an objective of counseling.
  16. To find out right person for the right job: By counseling we can understand the person who is suitable for the respective work. So to select right person is another objective.
  17. To settlement the dispute among the workers: One of the main objectives of counseling is to settle dispute among workers.
  18. To reduce dissatisfaction: Counseling can reduce dissatisfaction among the workers. So it’s an objective to reduce dissatisfaction.
  19. To make the best use of organizational resources: by counseling employee can get more respect and they can make the best use of organizational resources.
  20. To create warm and genuine interest in people adjust-ability: Adjustment with management and also co employees is important. So counseling can give them that adjustment capacity with each other. It is another objective.
  21. To analyze the strength and weakness of workers: IT is another objective that company should know strength and weakness of an employee. And it can be possible through counseling.
  22. To make the best use of human potential: Another objective of counseling is to make the best use of human potential.
  23. To enhance the ability of the workers: Workers ability is very important for the development. So to enhance it by counseling is another objective.
  24. To enhance the ability of the workers: Workers ability is very important for the development. So to enhance it by condoling is another objective.
  25. Continuous development: Organizational overall development important. So it is another objective to continue development in the organization.

The objectives of organizational counseling should be maintained by all. It helps an organization to recognize how well it should be prepared.

Objectives of an organizational counseling are important. Counseling program also go for the or advance for the objective. So organization should be aware of what they do.

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