10 Major Responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager

To make an efficient and effective organization, SHR Manager is very important for an organization. Organizations in Bangladesh face many strategic HR problems. To solve these strategic HR problems, SHR (Strategic Human Resource) Manager has to perform many tasks. The responsibilities of a human resource manager are as follows:

Responsibilities of a human resource manager

  1. Recruitment: Bangladesh has a large labor pool. But potential labor is not available for management level or at entry level. So one of the major responsibilities of SHR manager is to recruit potential employee.
  2. Selection: After recruitment, SHR manager must select high potential & promising employees.
  3. Training & Development: Most of the new employees are unskilled or not familiar with their tasks and organizations. So SHR manager should provide proper training and mentor.
  4. Planning: SHR manager should involve in strategic planning of the organization. This company could be efficient by using company’s human resource,
  5. Reduce the conflict: SHR manager should improve the relationship between line and staff managers. They should disseminate company’s information to all the employees. These can help to reduce conflict.

    Responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager

    Responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager

  6. Improve satisfaction: SHR manager has to enhance the satisfactory environment in the organization thus employee satisfaction will be increased. Employee satisfaction will also increase company’s productivity.
  7. Ensure safety measure: SHR manager should ensure the safety of the employees especially who works in risky conditions.
  8. Performance appraisal: SHR manager has to approve the employees to know the efficiency of the employee. It also helps to know the lacking of skills or knowledge of employees.
  9. Benefits & rewards: SHR manager should provide benefits and rewards to the employees according to their performance.
  10. Promotion, retention, and transfer: These are done by SHR manager according to proper ways to ensure company’s efficiency.

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