7 Rules for political environment discussed by French and Bell

French and Bell have discussed 7(seven) rules to be followed in political environment. These rules for political environment are discussed in the following paragraphs:

Rules for political environment

  1. Desired Commodity: Become a desired commodity both as person and as a professional.
  2. Organizational Development Program: make the organizational development program as a driving or motivating force for gaining and detaining political influence.
  3. Commodity for people: Make the OD program a valued commodity for multiple powerful people in the organization.
  4. Solutions: According to the nature of organization and OD create win-win solutions. Many OD interventions promote win-win solutions for conflict and situations.
  5. Problem solving: Mind your own business, which is to help someone, else, solves major problems of common employees of the organization.
  6. Expert on process: Mind your own business, which is to be an expert on process, not content. Organizational politics revolve around decision for reaching the goals.
  7. Political trouble: Mind your own business to do otherwise is to invite political trouble so that environment is kept congenial. These are all rules of thumb. There could be more rules. If an organization can follow these rules, organizational politics may be channelized properly.

Rules for political environment

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