Sample Funeral Invitation Letter to Friends and Family

Every letter has a specific reason to write. Some are the joyful letter, but some letter shows emotion. A funeral invitation is an emotional letter. This funeral invitation letter or card use for inviting the addressee to be present at a memorial ceremony or funeral crowd.

Funeral invitations are regularly planned as keepsakes of a beloved one’s passing. They provide information of a future funeral, memorial service or merriment of Life ceremony. They can also give details about wakes, visitations, burials and religious ceremonies or rituals. The letter should be simple and specific. They detail of the information category given below

Dates of birth and/or death, Full name of the deceased, Time, date and place of wake, funeral, memorial event or celebration of Life ritual, Name and address of interment, a personal note from the family. Hope that this sample funeral invitation letter will help you.

Sample funeral invitation letter

Mr. y
3454 Ocala Street


4 September 2016

Sear y,
I am extremely sorry to tell you that our dearly loved grandfather expired on 3rd September 2016 at 4 pm at the hospital. For two months he had been suffering from heart pain.He was at home after getting his first heart attack and was looking after him at our residence. But on 3rd September in the morning around 10 am he got sick, he was finding difficulty in breathing so we took him to the hospital which is nearer by my home.

Doctors had tried all enough treatment to bring him back to normal position, but everything was in vain.Our adored grandfather was not able to manage the pain and passed away.The funeral would be held on 5th September at ST church with the Morning Prayer. It will start around 8 am.

I request you to please be there before time. With the bottom of my heart, I prayed to god that his soul may live in peace.

Yours truly
M john

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