7 Areas or Scopes of Organizational Counseling

There are some scopes of organizational counseling. These are discussed here:

Scopes of organizational counseling

  1. Promotion & transfer: When an employee cannot get promotion or he has been transfer one place to another then a person get frustrated, and that is an area of counseling the employee.
  2. Training: When an employee cannot get proper training then he becomes frustrated. And counsel is necessary then.
  3. Career planning & development: When an employee cannot plan about his career & development than he becomes frustrated. And it is also an area of counseling the employee.
  4. Grievance handling: For grievance handling a manager need to counsel his employee.Areas or Scopes of Organizational counselling
  5. Disciplinary action: If employee gets frustrated with the discipline of company. Then manager need of counsel the employee. And it is also an area of counseling.
  6. Wages and salary: If wage or salary does not properly then employee must be frustrated & he need to counsel. It is an area of counseling.
  7. Lack of management relations: If employee fells that their relation with managers is not satisfactory then they can get frustrated. And it is another area of counseling the employee.

So these are some areas of counseling the employee. Organization sometimes has these areas when they need to counsel the employees.

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