What is organizational politics definition

In general word definition of organizational politics is a set of some activities of a few persons who are involved in influencing the performance of others. It is a sub-set of power.

Organizational politics may be used to enhance the interest of individual’s or a group of people. This may be legitimate or sanctioned. The persons who are involved in organizational politics can resist the individual’s performance or enhance the interests.

They can help them to gain benefits from the employer and management. Some organizational politics definition according to various scholar are given below:

It is an international act of organizational persons. It can stimulate people or group of people to do something or not to do something. If they can influence people to does anything can go entirely for the organizations interest.

On the other hand, if they convince the people not to do anything, that may lead to benefits of a few people but may be detrimental to organizations interest. That is, organizational politics has both positive and negative impact on the organization’s performance.

It is a kind of power. However, a few definitions are given below on organizational politics:

Organizational politics definition

  1. Harold Lasswell Politics is simply the study of who get what, when and how.

  2. Pfeffer organizational politics involve those activities taken within organization to acquire, develop and use power and other resources the obtain one’s preferred outcomes in a situation in which there is uncertainty dispenses about choices.

  3. Robert W. Allen & Associates: Organizational politics involve intentional actors of influence to enhance or protect the self interest of individual or groups.

    Organizational Politics Definition

    Organizational Politics Definition

  4. B.T. Meyers & Associates: Organizational politics is the management of influence to obtain not sanctioned by the organization or to obtain ends. Through non-sanctioned influence means.

  5. Mintzberg: Politics is a sub set of power, treating it as informal power, Illegitimate in nature.

  6. Newstrom and Davis: Politics is the way that leaders gain and use power. Form the above definitions, it is seen that organizational politics may be either good or bad for the organization. If these activities are used positively it can gain more broth for the employees and organization. Otherwise its usefulness may be limited.

Finally we can define “Organizational Political is a legitimate or activities to gain some sort of power, respect, money and fame to mitigate self and group interest. Ironically, it can be said that it is a profitable business without investing any capital.

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