5 Ps of Strategic Human Resource Management

The 5 Ps model of strategic human resource management (SHRM) is a new model in the area of study. This model is proposed by Randal.

Schuler this model melds five human resource activities with strategic highlights just how significant, the strategy activity link can be.

The proposed model incorporates the 5 Ps of strategic human resource management which stands for

  1. Philosophy of Human resources
  2. Policies human resources
  3. Program of human resources
  4. Practices of human resources
  5. Processes of human resources

In  addition to these 5- Ps Sender’s model scans some other components, as

  • a) Organization Strategy
  • b) Internal Characteristics
  • c) External Characteristics
  • d) Strategic Business woods.

However, the model is glanced at in the following figure and discussed in short paragraphs.

5 Ps of Strategic Human Resource Management
5 Ps of Strategic Human Resource Management

 The 5-P Model in Strategic Human Resource Management 

1. Organizational strategy: Instantiates the process of identifying strategic business needs and provides specific qualities to them.

2. Internal characteristics: Some internal characteristics such as culture, and business may affect the activities of an organization.

3. External characteristics: These include the condition of the economy; critical success factors in the industry etc business needs may be affected by these external factors.

4. Strategic business needs (SBN): These needs may be expressed in mission statements or vision statements and translated into strategic business objectives.

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  1. This article is very useful for my study. This model shows needs of strategic HRM. Thanks for shearing this great article.

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