Principal Task of Strategic Human Resources Management

Human resource management refers to the concepts and techniques one needs to carry out the “people” or human resources aspects of management job including recruiting screening, training, rewarding, and appraising.

Principal task of strategic human resources management (SHRM) are discuss below:

Principal Task of Strategic Human Resources Management

Human resource management as a fairly broad strategic duty performed by all managers, rather than as a more narrowly defined, purely “staff” role played by professional human resource managers.

We can think of human resource management as a variety of tasks associated with acquiring, training, developing, motivating, organizing and maintaining the human employees of the firm.

These tasks should be performed in a way that helps the company deal effectively with any environmental forces and competitions and ensures the company’s long-term achievement of its goals and objectives.

Human resource managers and academics have debated for some time the point at which human resource management ends and other functional management begins. In 1989 the American Society for Training and Development determines the activities of HRM.

These activities are often types. Some professionals typically considered these activities as HRM roles. Among these roles are listed below:

  1. Human resource planning
  2. Personnel selection and staffing
  3. Organization and job design
  4. Career development
  5. Organization development
  6. Training and development
  7. Research and information
  8. Labor relations
  9. Employee assistance and support
  10. Compensation and benefits administration.principal_task_of_strategic_human_resources_management

In complex business environment, strategy formulation and implementation may be the most important duties performed by the managers.

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