Problems of Strategic Human Resource Management

SHR management in different organizations is suffering from some problems. These problems of strategic human resource management are discussed below:

Problems of strategic human resource management

Lack of professional management: In Bangladesh, a lack of a sufficient number of professional managers is the main problem for SHRM. That’s why organizations cannot take any proper decisions regarding strategic functions. As a result, the organization suffers from proper SHRM-related decisions.

Lack of skilled human resource managers: The lack of skilled human resource managers is a major problem for SHRM in Bangladesh. The human resource manager has the responsibility to recruit and select accurate and skilled manpower. If an organization cannot select skilled manpower the organization cannot perform its function properly. To reach the organization’s goal, the organization must have a skilled human resource manager,

Lack of proper establishment: To fulfill the organization’s goal properly, establishment is important. But now day’s lack of proper establishment is a major problem in Bangladesh. Every organization should have a proper establishment like manpower, up-to-date technology, separate human resource department, etc.

Lack of human resource planning: In Bangladesh, there is no strategic human resource plan for procurement, development,  motivation  & utilization of human resources. The organization should create human resource plans and implement them properly to get the best services from human resources.

Change of job: In Bangladesh, most human resource managers change their jobs frequently. As a result, a problem is created to establish a human resource division.

Problems of Strategic Human Resource Management
Problems of Strategic Human Resource Management

Lack of career planning and program: In Bangladesh, most people are not concerned about their career planning and program. Career planning and the program are one of the most important issues of SHRM. If we do not take career planning and program properly, we can not implement the SHRM perfectly.

Lack of proper evaluation: Evaluation is a process to determine performance. If performance is not properly evaluated, the employee cannot be motivated to perform his duty accurately. So -the organizations should arrange a proper evaluation method to measure the performance.

Lack of motivation: Motivation is an important issue to attain overall organizational goals. In our country lack of motivation is the major reason for dissatisfaction with SHRM. Every organization should emphasize this issue very carefully to achieve the organization’s target.

Lack of suitable relations between labor and management: Another SHRM problem in our country is the lack of relations between labor and management. Laborers want to get benefits from the management and management wants to get benefit from the labor. So organizations should maintain the best relations between labor and management.

Negative politics: In Bangladesh, most organizations exercise negative politics. This affects the organization for the development of human resources. Without the development of human resources, organizations cannot run smoothly.

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