How Technology Increases Productivity?

Technology plays one of the most important roles in increasing productivity. In the following points, how technology increases productivity has been highlighted:

How technology increases productivity

  1. Automation depends on modern technology which increases productivity.
  2. New technologies are more cost-effective and give high output
  3. New technology reduces wastage of time and manpower/man-hour
  4. Proper technological development makes the machine more energy efficient thereby increases productivity.
  5. New technology reconverts waste into resources resulting in productivity.
  6. Technology increases the skills and abilities of employees which can contribute to productivity.
How technology increases productivity
How technology increases productivity

7. Modern technology reduces physical labor and improves productivity.

8. Automation helps workers to take time for other jobs which highly increases productivity.

9. New technology reduces pollution of the atmosphere and highly helps a better work environment which influences increasing productivity.

10. New technology makes machines more compact in size and inefficiency which can increase productivity.

11. Technology may be costly but this cost is ultimately reduced the per-unit cost of production.

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