Role of Trade Union Leaders for Increasing Productivity

Trade Union leaders also play significant roles in improving and maintaining productivity. The following points are the role of trade union leaders for increasing productivity:

Role of trade union leaders for increasing productivity

1. Willing to or for the development of the organization: Willing to work for the sake of the organization which will increase productivity.

2. Guide the employees to the right path: Guide the employees to the right path that increases productivity. This is one of the most important roles of trade union leaders for increasing productivity.

3. Develop a culture that boosts productivity: Develop a culture of good working environment that will help to boost up productivity.

4. Work to fill up demands: Work to fill up the necessary demands of the employees which indirectly encourage employees to increase productivity.

5. Maintain a good relationship: Maintain a good relationship between employees and top-level management, which works as a driving force to increasing productivity.

6. Avoid bad practice: Avoid bad practice at the working level that harms the environment to increase

7. Encourage workersUnion leaders can encourage efficient workers for their work.

8. Discourage inefficient workers: Discourage inefficient workers and make their work efficient.

9. Role as a real leader: Act like a real leader to work for achieving the objective of the organization.

10. Acts as guardian of employees: Acts as a guardian of the employees to bargain for the sake of the employees which ultimately results in increased productivity as the employees begin to work more effectively than before.

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