14 Reasons of low productivity in private organization

In some cases, the productivity level in private organizations is not satisfactory because of some reasons. Reasons for low productivity in the private organization are as follows:

Reasons of low productivity in private organization

  1. Lower attractiveness of job,
  2. Relationship with supervisors and subordinates is not satisfactory.
  3. Low pay strategy for compensation.
  4. The working environment is not satisfactory.
  5. Lack of good technology.
  6. Lack of use in technological skills.
  7. Lack of commitment.
  8. Absenteeism.
  9. The intervention of employers.
  10. Lack of good incentives pays system. If the incentives pay system is well, employees will be interested in the work to achieve organizational goals.
  11. Lack of a coordinated workforce to improve productivity.
  12. Recruitment of lower-skilled employees.
  13. Lack of communication with employees and employers.
  14. Lack of training and development programs.

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