10 Major Causes of Low Productivity

There are some causes of poor productivity in Bangladesh Industries. Our industrial concerns are suffering from low productivity since liberation in 1971. However, these causes of low productivity are pointed out below:

Causes of low productivity

1. Lack of skill: If employees are not skilled they can’t produce more.

2. Lack of cooperation among employees: If one employee cooperates with others, productivity may be increased. On the other hand, if one doesn’t cooperate with others, productivity decreases.

3. Lack of technology: If technology is not modern productivity may be affected.

4. Lack of employee training: Training helps an employee to increase his productivity. Lack of training is one of the causes of poor productivity

5. A relationship between employee & employer: If relationships between employee and employer are good productivity of the employee may be increased.

6. Lack of commitment: If employees are not committed to their organization and their work then productivity may not be up to the mark.

causes of low productivity
Causes of low productivity

7. The physical condition of the employee: Generally employees’ physical condition has a positive relationship with productivity. Otherwise, it may be hampered.

8. Lack of concentration: If the concentration of the employee is not good for his work then productivity decreases.

9. Lack of cooperation between employee & employerIf the employer cooperates with an employee they are willing to do better. On the other hand, if the employer doesn’t cooperate with the employee productivity decreases.

10. Lack of favorable environmental conditionsIf the environmental condition of the organization is not good, then the productivity level may be less.

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