Roles of Management for Leadership Development

There are some roles of management for leadership development which may be discussed in the following points:

Roles of management for leadership development

1. Arrange training program: Training is one of the most important factors for leadership development. So management should arrange it.

2. Participation in decision making: If employees are informed about conditions affecting their jobs and encouraged to express their ideas make subsections and take action then it will help to develop the leader in the organization.

3. Flexible work environment: Management can provide flexible environment for the employees than the employees are working effectively and efficiently.

4. Reward system: Management should develop a reward system for better performance. It will help to encourage employees to be effective leaders.

5. Feedback: Management should develop a culture of giving and taking feedback from subordinates. This will help leadership development.

Roles of management for leadership development
Roles of management for leadership development

6. Develop interpersonal relations: Management should focus on interpersonal relationships among employees. If a good interpersonal relationship can improve leadership development.

7. Task structure: Management should develop one specific way to do the job. It will help lead development in the organization.

8. Specify the goals of the organization: Management must set goals for the organization to achieve and deciding the proper path to achieve goals. This will help leaders to influence others for achieving goals.

9. Freedom: Freedom in decision making helps a leader to successfully do the job by influencing or supporting others. So management should give freedom to the leaders in decision making.

10. Empowerment: Management must empower leaders for effective leadership development. Without empowerment, one cannot influence or support other works for achieving the objective.

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