Contribution of Management in Developing Leadership

There are some important contribution of management in developing leadership. By following these ways management contribute to develop the leadership:

  1. Considering pro-activeness: Management considering creativeness of leader as it help chirrs to develop him (leader). The leader’s confidence will be higher next time he will try to generate and idea and proof him a good leader.
  2. Offering some challenging activities: Offering some challenging goals management can justify oneself leadership quality. Without doing some challenging task one cannot proof himself a leader. It will also help to make one capable for leadership.
  3. Appraisal: Appraisal in very much important for developing leadership that appraisal one will not be willing to take any kind of challenge. Without challenge one cannot be a leader.
  4. Taking care of leaders: Management should take all kinds of responsibility against and threat and risk. Without these leaders will not come in front.
  5. Discussion among leaders: Management discussion wig leaders on some issues can help in developing. In discussion all the leaders will want to come in front and an invisible completion will be these.


    Contribution of Management in Developing Leadership

  6. Democratic Approach: If management show democratic view towards workers while taking any decision it will help developing leadership because tin the discussion all will not participate or lead rather two or three participate these two or three people may be the next leader of the company.
  7. Transfer: Leader should not be in the same place for a long time. By transferring the old leader new scope will be opened for others. This will help in developing leadership.
  8. Diversity in role: By transferring or specifying different types of roes one can become a food leader and will also help in developing leadership. When a person works indifferent places or play different roles he becomes more efficient and capable to handle different types of problems.
  9. Training and seminar: By arranging training and seminar on different types of knowledge of management can help developing leadership. Training and seminar will help someone to understand about many things. These types of activities will also help someone’s knowledge.
  10. Appraisal by subordinate: Appraisal by subordinate will also help in developing leadership. If it happens, human relation and commanding power will be evaluate. Sometimes management may cheated by someone but if appraisal by subordinates is done.

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