Difference between Organization Development and Management Development

Management works under the organization. Organization Development (OD) means development of overall development activities. It is not a part of any development process.

Rather management development is a part of OD. However, there are a few dimensions differentiating both OD and management development.

The following table shows the difference between organization development and management development:-

Difference between organization development and management development

Points of Difference

Organization development

Management development


Includes all parts of organization

Includes training of executives and managers only.


Both qualitative and quantitative development in involved.

Only qualitative development takes palace.


Important methods are survey, feedback, grid, conformation etc.

Important methods are case study, discussion, role playing, T-group training etc.


Duration is long-term.

Duration is short term.


OD is a macro process

 MD is a micro process.


It is not a part of management development

It is a part of organization development

External help

It is not a difficult to develop without external help.

For effective development of mangers independent of managers independent organizations help may be must.


Management Development

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