Nature of Strategic Human Resource Management Practices

Nature of strategic human resource management practices are discussed below:

Nature of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)

  1. Management is more or less efficient: Bangladesh is a developing country. SHRM is introduced in our country few years ago. All of the organizations of our country are not using this largely. Some organizations are applying SHRM properly in. Their organizations.  As  a  result, management can do their activities effectively. But some organizations are not applying systematically and largely. So management cannot do their works effectively and they do not get better results. Regarding this discussion we can say that management is more or less efficient.
  2. Employees are more or less committed: In Bangladesh employees are more-or less committed to their organizations and employers. They try to provide their best efforts to the organization as their success depends on the success of their organizations. So we find that most of the employees try to perform their assigned tasks effectively. Some employees are not enough committed to work.
  3. Employees are more or less skilledBangladesh is a small  and developing country. But its population is large, in number. Its educational and training institutional infrastructure is not good enough. So there are so many unskilled and semi- skilled people are available in our country. But there are some skilled and qualified employees who can perform their tasks effectively.
  4. Govt. pressure is high: In our country, govt. interferes in every sector particularly in public organizations. More or less every public organization faces government pressure. Some collective bargaining agents (CBA) who are affiliated by political parties highly pressurize the organizations to implement their decisions. So it is very difficult to practice fair and free SHRM in our organizations.
  5. Decision comes from the Government: One of the most important nature of SHRM in Bangladesh is that most of the decisions come from the Govt. which limits the scope of the organization to practice SHRM properly in fact this is a negative nature of SHRM practice in Bangladesh. Govt. sometimes makes better policies but it should not interfere to a large extent in SHRM practice of organization.
  6. High degree of irregularities: Organizations do not always involve in SHRM practices in Bangladesh. Executives in SHRM are very irregular and reluctant to SHRM practices. Organizations sometimes check their policies relating to  SHRM  practices.  That is why  high  degree  of indiscipline is observed among the HR personnel which lead to high degree of irregularities in SHRM practices in Bangladesh,
  7. Lack of sense of accountability: Sense of accountability  is very important for the success of an organization. Accountability helps management to work in the right way. It also helps to take decision correctly .But the SHRM of Bangladesh is highly affected by lack of proper accountability. Especially people of public organizations are not so much accountable as they need. That is why unethical and illegal activities occurred in the organization and performance of the organization is reduced.
  8. Lack of human resource poky: There are a lot of policies regarding different factors in Bangladesh. But unfortunately there is no human resource policy in public sector in Bangladesh. Some private organizations have their own human resource policy and on the basis of the policy they treat their human resources. As there is no proper human resource policy in public sector,  they  do not follow, any  specific  human resource recruitment policy, selection policy, training policy etc.

    Nature of Strategic Human Resource Management

    Nature of Strategic Human Resource Management

  9. Heavy pressure of trade Unions: Bangladesh is a land of democracy. But free and fair democracy is not practiced in organizations. Particularly in government organization, trade union makes different problems. In most of the cases it is seen that leaders of the trade union always emphasized on their interest and even sometimes they create more pressure to the management. So managers face dilemmas while confronting trade unions.
  10. Undue political pressure: In Bangladesh, every company faces undue political pressure. Most of the companies face this pressure from top to bottom and that corrupt their working level. Every management faces this pressure and are bound to accept this pressure in every aspect. It hampers fair practice of strategic human resource management in Bangladesh.
  11. Lack of quick decision: Quick decision is very important factor for an organization. Sometimes top management can not take right decision within short time that makes a great problem in the long term. SHRM helps the management to take quick and right decision that increases performance of the organization.
  12. Improper utilization of all resources: in strategic human resource management of Bangladesh, one of its natures is improper utilization of all resources. We have enough resources but we do not know the exact place to use them. Even we do not know the way to utilize the resources.
  13. Lack of proper environment: Environment plays an important role in each and every aspect of work. By environment we mean the surrounding factors which positively or negatively affect our activities. Similarly, it has some effect on human resource management practice in working areas. In Bangladesh there is lack of proper environment for SHRM practices.
  14. Lack of proper Labor Management Relations (LMR): In Bangladesh, LMR is not good. Here it is seen that laborers think management as their opponent whereas management thinks that they are bosses. So there is a gap between labor and management which makes many problems in the organization. Even this situation also creates problem for SHRM in the organization. To implement their strategic management should remove this gap and develop good relations,
  15. Lack of corporate strategic culture: In Bangladesh, there does exist a situation of lack of corporate strategic culture in different organizations. Strategic culture is an established culture that involves all of the human resource values, beliefs, opinions and behavior. So if there is any established corporate culture then it will help to establish an environment which employees can get the opportunity to work collaboratively.
  16. Presence of informal relations among the employees: In Bangladesh, there are various organizations where informal relations is existed. The informal relations are very important for human resource division regarding promotion, transfer, benefits, compensations etc. In our country, informal relations also provide a good environment among the employees.

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