How to improve organizational counseling in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, organizational counseling is not so far very effective. But many industries are now trying to improve the condition of counseling in our country.

Here is some discussion presented for the improvement of organizational counseling in Bangladesh.

Organizational counseling in Bangladesh

  1. Lack of proper knowledge: Bangladesh has a lack of proper knowledge in every sector of development. So here counseling program cannot be spread so much.
  2. Narrow outlook towards counseling: People have a narrow outlook towards counseling. So in Bangladesh counseling program is not so far success.
  3. Influencing power of the manager: In many cases manger has not the Influencing power to motivate the employee.

    Organizational Counseling in Bangladesh
  4. Strong logic about a particular fact: Bangladeshi people are comparatively more emotional than any other countries people. So they cannot give strong logic about counsel.
  5. Strong personality of manager: Many times manager cannot maintain a strong personality. They are getting biased by political party. So proper counseling cannot be ensured.
  6. Tactful management: Tactful management is very rare in our country. so organizational counseling program is not effective in Bangladesh.
  7. Sympathy to the client: Not showing sympathy to the employee is another problem. Bangladeshi managers are trying to get out from this situation.
  8. Lack of consistency: There is a problem of lack of consistency her. People cannot consistence their emotion in Bangladesh.
  9. Lack of experience and training: The country like Bangladesh is lack of many things. Here mangers cannot give proper training to the employee. So sometime effective counseling cannot be ensured.
  10. Lack of intention: Sometimes in Bangladesh we see that people are not interest t listen anyone.

Though we have many lacking in many sectors but now many of our organizations try to improve the conditions. And it is believed that, counseling program will be very effective in the future days to come.

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