Variables in Organizational Development Approach

Newsroom and Davis have discussed a few variables in organizational development approach. These variables have initially divided mainly into three bases as

  1. Causal variables
  2. Intervening variables
  3. End-result variables.

This is listed out below and shown in the Table below:

Variables in organizational development approach

From the figure given below it is seen that, if all causal variables favor the organization then favorable attitudes. Motivation and relations among different groups may be developed.

Similarly, favorable interviewing variables can produce good results for the organization in the name of improved productivity, lower costs, higher revenues etc. As a result, ultimate benefits of organizational development (OD) program become successful.

Organizational development Approach

Organizational development Approach

Organization Development (OD) is about developing performance at the person, group, and classification levels. It is about developing the organization’s ability to respond to changes in its external surroundings thoroughly, and it’s about improving internal inclinations by ensuring the organizational structures, human sources systems, job designs, interface systems, and leadership/managerial methods fully harness human motive and help people operate to their full potential.

Done well, such development can be transformational—producing significant changes in the way somebody, groups, and structures function.

Human Synergistics International is a world ruler in the province of data-driven change—measuring and quantifying organizational management at the individual, group, and standard levels. Survey feedback, an integral portion of the OD process, provides leaders and directors with research-based knowledge on what is happening within the group—be it educational norms, organizational systems, organizational climate, administration and managerial strategies and their indirect impact, or the management of key people entirely the organization. Such measurements must be based on reliable, academically-respected research to help guide the process of change.

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