Persons Responsible for Shortage of Good Leadership

There are following persons responsible for shortage of good leadership. These are pointed out below:

Persons responsible for shortage of good leadership

  1. Government: Government is responsible for the shortage of good leadership. After liberation corruption is practiced by all the government. Corruption discourages good leadership.
  2. Institution: Our country’s institutional structure support leadership. But for practicing corruption in the institution, the leader becomes dishonest. That is why we do not get good leaders.
  3. Board of directors: Board of directors do not like leader in their organization. They think leaders hamper organizational culture. So, we face shortage of good leader in our organization.
  4. Family centered leader: After 1950 we got a few good leaders. Because we could not avoid family centered leadership.
  5. Leaders themselves: Persons who are on the leading position in the society. They do not want good leaders come out from their next generation. The political leaders just use student or other people for their own benefit. But they do not help or encourage them to be a good leader.
  6. Corruption: Dishonest man cannot be a good leader. In Bangladesh there are many scopes to practice corruption. So, leaders become involved in corrupt practice and that’s why we didn’t get any leader like Malaysia.
  7. Family background: Children learn from their father and mother. Form the very beginning of their childhood, guardians, discourages political involvement. As family discourages leadership, so we don’t get good leader in future.
  8. Military rule: After liberation we faced military rule several times Autocracy was practices that time. In that period leader’s movement and activates were under strict control. Therefore a leader could not practice their leadership in this period.
  9. Historical background: our people don’t want to be leader, they want to be follower. From our historical background we find that our people like to be follower rather that leader. So, we face shortage leadership.

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