Relationship Between Training and Productivity

Training increases knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Proper training also motivates employees and increases competencies of employees. Relationship between training and productivity are shown below:

Relationship between training and productivity

  1. If knowledge of employees increases then the productivity also increases as higher knowledgeable workers use their knowledge to increase productivity.
  2. Training increases skills level of employees, and higher skills produce higher productivity.
  3. Attitudes of employees play important role in productivity. As proper training increases, positive attitudes thus in turn produces higher productivity.
  4. Proper training increases competency level of employees, leading to increased productivity.
  5. Proper training tells how the jobs will do better and how to get better productivity.
  6. Proper training gives a clear idea about the organization management. So employees show better productivity after training.
  7. Proper training makes a positive relationship between employees and management which increase the productivity level.
  8. Proper training drives away the barrier between the employees and management, thus, in turn, increases the productivity level.
  9. Training gives to late technology to do the worker which increases productivity.
  10. Training also helps reduce the faulty level of work done, thus increases productivity.

So, we can say that proper training increases Knowledge Skills and abilities and thus, motivates employees and increases the competency level of employee and thus the productivity may be increased.

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