Role of Family Members & Religious Leaders in Improving Productivity

Family guidance and Religious leader’s encouragement increases sincerity in work which increases productivity. Let’s understand the role of family members & religious leaders in improving productivity:

  1. Moral support: Good moral supports from family members increase productivity.
  2. Education: Higher education and training can increase the productivity of employees. Family gentian takes necessary steps for training.
  3. Skills: Family member helps in increasing personal skills which increase productivity.
  4. Association: Good family association increases enthusiasm in the workplace which helps in maintaining productivity.
  5. Responsibility: Responsible family members share the liabilities from the worker. It encourages them to increase productivity.
  6. Sincerity & honesty: Religion can increase sincerity and honesty in increasing productivity.
  7. Systematic: Religion and religious leaders help oneself in maintaining the proper system in the work through their motivational speeches in the mosques.
  8. Dedication to work: Religion builds up the dedication to work on where he is getting payment.
  9. Career choice: Family and religion can help anyone to choose the better career which matches with production.
  10. Attitude: Religion educates about the attitudes towards employee which increases productivity.
Role of Family Members & Religious Leaders in Improving productivity
Role of Family Members & Religious Leaders in Improving productivity

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