Role of Government to Increase Productivity

There is some certain role of government to increase productivity of a country. And this role of government is essential for increasing productivity.

And a good productivity will change the economy of the country. This role of government to increase productivity are mention below:

Role of government to increase productivity

  1. Utilization of materials: Proper utilization of raw materials should he ensured for goo productivity.
  2. New technology: New technology should be established for increasing productivity.
  3. Government rule: Government should make the suitable rules and regulations to the organization.
  4. Quality of product: Quality should be maintained and should be controlled properly.
  5. Concentration of government: Concentration of government on how the productivity items should available or clear information should be collected.role_of_government_to_increase_productivity
  6. Raw materialsFor the productive items raw materials should be available.
  7. Proper investment: Proper investment need to be made for increased good productivity.
  8. Proper distribution: Proper distribution is more important to consumers.
  9. Political barrier: Political barrier should decrease for good productivity.
  10. Good salary or incentive systemFor the skilled people good salary or incentive system should be developed for employee motivation.

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