Role of Government to Leadership Development

Government of every country can play a great role to leadership development. So here we discuss some major role of government to leadership development.

Following points to be noted by Government for leadership development:

Role of government to leadership development

  1. Empowerment: If an employee is empower end to use his brine and skill which will help an employee to develop a leadership attitude towards his job. Government rules and regulation can assist in this aspect.
  2. Education and training: If govt. arranges education and training facilities for the workers which will help then in developing leadership skill. Education and training helps to develop leaders.
  3. Job involvement: If an employee is permitted to get involved in this decision making process then he can express his decision and experience. Government rules and regulation can insure this process.
  4. Flexible working environment: A flexible working environment helps express his feeling and get feedback for this job done by him. If Government can insure that environment this will help in developing leadership quality.
  5. Reward: Reward will motivate worker 10 come forward with a solution and lead the team thus introduction of reward by govt. for any good job done will help in developing leadership quality among the workers.


    Role of government to leadership development

  6. Developing interpersonal relationship: A developed inters personal relationship win helps in developing leaders. So govt. should insure good inter personal relationship within the organization.
  7. Freedom: Freedom in decision making within leave framework will help in growing leaders in an organization. So lower management or employee must be given proper freedom which will helps in developing leadership quality.
  8. Upward and downward communication: upward communication helps in growing leaders, if govt. allows upward communication it will help to develop leaders who can give executive decision to the under command and suggestion to the higher authority.
  9. Task structure: There must be task structure a definite way of doing things. Organization should follow proper chain to command. All this help to develop perfect leaders in the organization.
  10. Organizational commitment and job satisfaction: Organizational commitment and job satisfaction helps in developing leaders. So. Government must insure employee’s commitment to the organization and job satisfaction.

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