What Circumstances Situation Can Make a Person Leader?

Under the following circumstances situation can make a person leader:

Circumstances situation can make a person leader

  1. Crisis management: Any sorts so crisis like as flood disaster, fire disaster, earthquake etc need to be managed successfully. The manger need to make decision promptly as well as actions.
  2. Innovation: Modem technology as well as computer, internet supportive tools need to be innovating that’s why the leader should be dynamic.
  3. Minimize or rumors: In case or informal organization or communication leader need to concern about disadvantages of such type of results like as rumors. He needs to minimize that type activities.
  4. Increase productivity: To fill up the goals and deliver the goods or service in the scheduled date or time it needs to me insure the goods or service is ready to delivery.
  5. Consultative approach: Ask them for inputs prior to making decision. If inputs are seen as used employees are encouraged then they are satisfied and make more production as well as services.

    Circumstances Situation can Make a Person Leader

    Circumstances Situation can Make a Person Leader

  6. Participation: The leader and group are making as a social unit. The general trend is toward wider use of participation because they are consistent with the supportive a collegial models of organizational behavior.
  7. Influence and motivation: In our country, we are religious, sentimental, emotional and sometime in disciple. The leader should keep in his mind if they become arrogant they are the most trouble maker. So always keep them cool and calm.
  8. Structure or task related: In circumstances arises whenever the incident required the task related approaches of leader make the job satisfaction.
  9. Consideration: Here leader are concerned about human needs of employees. Thus build team work and provides psychological support and helps them.
  10. Technical, human and conceptual skill: As a leader who have enough knowledge about technical, human, culture & conceptual skill for the decision taking in any situation.

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